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VIAMAR is a uniquely designed brand curated for the upscale traveler who seeks form, function and finery. Building on more than 60 years of expertise in fashion jewelry design and production come together to create the brand VIAMAR: exquisite, fashionable and affordable jewelry inspired by worldwide fine jewelry trends.

VIAMAR’s carefully handcrafted collection offers travelers a convenient way to accessorize for daytime and evening glamour but without the worry of losing expensive pieces. Featuring handset stones cut from Cubic Zirconia and boasting precious metal finishes of authentic 14-karat gold and genuine rhodium. VIAMAR products are designed for chic travelers who seek to add that extra sparkle to their journeys.

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VIAMAR offers a constantly-changing selection of styles so cutting-edge customers can always find something new. Just as every travel adventure adds variety to your life, it can also add variety to your jewelry collection.

For the love of travel, VIAMAR adds the finishing touch to a luxurious voyage. When the well-traveled, fashion-forward adventurer in you is ready to set sail, take VIAMAR with you and add to your collection during your travels.